Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker

If you are looking for an electric smoker that is affordable, high quality, durable and guarantees good results, we present you the Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker. In this review we will quickly go over the features of this unit and some additional information as well.

The Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker is a 504 square inch unit that will get the job done with no inconvenience at all. It is very easy to use, especially once you master the techniques of smoking meat and start experimenting to get different results. This steel unit offers you three chrome plated cooking grates which is quite enough space for a good amount of meat. This steel unit has a 1500 Watt heating element and comes with a porcelain wood chip and water pan and a porcelain ash pan as well. It has a chrome – plated handle and a temperature gauge with bezel. The temperature on one of these can go anywhere from 160 degrees to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also receive a grease cup which will make the clean-up easier after being used. These units are very strong and durable so you can expect them to last a very long time.

The insulated double – wall construction causes heat retention which is a thing you must look for in any electric smoker. Because of this high quality feature, the Char Broil Vertical Electric Smokers can be used outdoors even in the winter times. Purchasing this unit will cost you about 150$ which is a fair price if we consider the quality and all the features it comes with. It has three temperature settings as well. The unit will require installation before being used. With purchasing this smoker you also get a one year warranty which is very important because parts can malfunction. It is not likely that they will but that has to be kept in mind as well. Malfunction is almost an inevitable part when it comes to any type of smoker but worry not because the Char – Broil Electric Smoker is of a very high quality and comes with a warranty.

Using this unit is so easy that anyone can do it. Simply prepare the meat the way you like it, put it inside the unit and press the power button to get it running. Set the desired temperature using the buttons on the control panel. For the best results, heat and oil the grates before each use. That will make your unit long lasting and functioning well. Also, always remove ashes after each use and make sure you leave the unit clean and grease free. That will keep it sanitized and ready for future use.

Now that you know some facts about this particular smoking unit, we hope it suits your liking. We highly recommend getting one of these amazing, high quality products that will make your grilling/ smoking experience delightful. Get hundreds of meals ready for you and your family and friends at such ease. With this smoking unit there are many barbecue gatherings to come!

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