Bradley Smokers Original Smoker Review

Bradley Technologies is a company located in Canada which manufactures many smoker unit models. Their original smoker is very specific because it is the only smoker they make without a digital thermostat. If you are interested in this particular product, keep reading because we will present you the most important information you need to know before purchasing one of these.

The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker consists of two parts. The front loading cabinet and the side smoke generator. This feature distinguishes this unit from other models because most of them do not consist of two parts but rather one main unit. It has a 500 watt cooking element and a 250 watt smoking element. The smoker comes with four easily replaceable racks which can be taken out to be washed or in case you are cooking something bigger and need more space. This unit uses specifically designed wood “bisquettes” which are disk- like pieces of wood usually made either from apple, hickory, cherry or mesquite. They give the food a unique flavor and are an efficient energy source. They cost about 40 cents each and one burns for twenty minutes. The unit can hold about nine hours worth bisquettes. You have to put them in the side smoke generator and it blows the smoke into the cooking cabinet.

The unit comes with a built in thermometer but not the thermostat. That means that the temperature needs to be adjusted manually which can be a hassle sometimes. The thermometer itself is often inaccurate. The well designed smoking chamber gives a clear smoked favor with no bitterness caused by leftover chips burning out. If you purchase this product you will also receive a cookbook and a user guide with explanations on everything you need to know before using it. Another important feature is the went on top of the smoker which you can open or close, or leave somewhere in the middle to control the amount of air flowing through the unit while cooking. Rubber sealed insulated doors are of a very high quality and designed to keep the smoke and heat inside while running.

The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker is very durable and made for outdoor use. Operating with it is very easy so that anyone can become a BBQ specialist in a matter of minutes. All in all, this is a durable, quality product with a stainless steel interior and the maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You can get it for a price of about 270$ which we believe is fair for what it has to offer. Some of the customers were satisfied with this product while some complained about the malfunctions. As with any smoker out there, it is possible to get some malfunctions here and there but it is all easily fixed with the warranty you get upon purchase. There is no need to worry because nine times out of ten that will not happen to you. Some of the customers stated that they have had this smoker for ten years and it still works great. It all depends how well you take care of it. If you believe this is the right smoker for you, get it today and enjoy endless delicious meals !

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